WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Seven business vehicles from three businesses had their catalytic converters stolen over the weekend in Wilbraham.

Sergeant Jeffrey Rudinski told 22News business vehicles from the Tae Kwon Doe Center, the Senior Center and the Life Care Center in Wilbraham were affected by the thefts.

Your catalytic converter usually sits right between your muffler and your engine on the underside of your car. They contain precious metals like platinum which makes them a prime target for thieves.

“They go under there with battery operated hacksaws, they’re in and out very quickly, and they’re getting anywhere between $200 and a $1,000 for these when they trade them in,” said Sergeant Rudinski.

Some steps you can take include carving your license plate into your converter, to let thieves know it can be tracked. You can also purchase an anti-theft device, they resemble an armor plating that can cover up the converter.

Anyone with information on the incidents or surveillance video along Route 20 near the Life Care Center or the Wilbraham Senior Center, or on Stony Hill Road near the Tae Kwon Doe Center, are asked to contact the Wilbraham Police Department.