Caught on Camera: Cop hits teen running from police


Police in Sacramento, California have released video showing a 16-year-old boy who was hit by a Sacramento police SUV while running from police.

 The teen, identified only as Daniel, was being chased by officers the night of July 22 when he was hit in the yard of a home in north Sacramento.

 A Sacramento police officer pulled over Daniel, who was riding his bicycle because he didn’t have the proper night lights on his bike, the department said.

 The officer was talking to Daniel and asked if he had a warrant out when Daniel took off on his bicycle. A passenger officer tried to detain Daniel but he was able to run away.

 Another Sacramento officer in the area on routine patrol was called to the area to help in the pursuit. He turned on his emergency lights as he came up to the area.

 When Daniel came into view just on the sidewalk, the officer in the patrol vehicle made an abrupt left turn and slammed on his brakes, hitting Daniel as he was running and sending the police cruiser into the front yard of a home, as seen in the video.

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