Caught on Camera: Officer hit by car


(KXAN) – More than two months after an officer was hit while investigating a crash in Del Valle, Austin police are still searching for the person responsible. On Thursday they released video of the moment the officer was hit, along with a renewed call for tips from the public.

Officer Cody Martin recounted the moments before he was hit by a car while directing traffic after a crash on Feb. 3 on Farm to Market Road 973 just south of State Highway 71 near the Travis County Jail.

“I thought to myself, ‘You’re about to get hit and you’re going to die,” Martin said. “I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way you’re gonna survive — the car’s coming way too fast.”

At 9:40 p.m. video shows him in the middle of the road when a dark-colored car hits him. Martin said he checked in that direction and didn’t see a car before he crossed to try to stop the opposite lane of traffic so his partner could pull his car out. In the video, it looks as though Martin tries to jump out of the way before impact. 

“I was upside down in the air — I don’t know how high I was, but I remember telling myself ‘You’re consciously aware that you’re upside down right now — you’re still alive.”

Austin police say the driver in that car stopped briefly, then left the scene. Martin ended up with a dislocated shoulder. The head of his humerus bone was broken and needed surgery, and he also fractured a finger. Martin says he isn’t angry at the driver. He just wants that person to be held accountable.

Police say there were three passengers in the car, plus the driver. The car appears to be a 4-door black or dark-colored Honda Accord or Nissan Altima. Police believe it is a 2000-2003 model and has a cracked windshield. Anyone who has seen this car or knows anything about the crash can call 512-974-5789.

Martin has worked with APD for 10 months, and within the past two weeks was cleared for desk duty. He has months of recovery ahead — but he’s grateful he wasn’t hurt worse.

“I feel very lucky every time I watch the video.”

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