Charges filed in McDonald’s gun scare


Charges have been filed against an Eden Prairie, Minnesota man in connection with an altercation with a group of teens inside a McDonald’s restaurant Nov. 19 that ended with him pulling a handgun.

 Prosecutors charged 55-year-old Lloyd Edward Johnson with terroristic threats and possessing a pistol in a public place without a permit. The terroristic threats charge is a felony, while the charge for possessing a pistol without a permit is a gross misdemeanor.

 “I don’t mean to return to the playground, but he started it,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said at a press conference on Monday. “And he started it for no reason at all. And when they spoke to him, they had appropriate space. But when he next spoke to them, he bellied right up and got in their face.”

 A 17-year-old girl told investigators she was trying to pay for her food with Apple Pay but that the system wasn’t working. She said a man in back of her started complaining that she and a friend were taking too long, and told them to hurry up. The man allegedly said, “You were probably trying to pay with EBT,” insinuating that the teens were on welfare.

 At that point, the teen said she turned around to confront the man, later identified as Johnson, over his statement. She said he stepped up, got into her face and balled up his fist as if he would strike her, so the teen ran to another part of the restaurant and got friends to back her up.

 The teen says Johnson left the area after another verbal confrontation with the group, but returned with his cell phone and began recording the incident. She told police that be began yelling for everyone to back up before he pulled a handgun from his waistband and leaving the store. 

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