Close Call: School shooting thwarted


A school resource officer who stopped an armed former student from shooting anyone inside Illinois’ Dixon High School is being hailed a hero for his efforts. 

 The shooting happened at 8:06 Wednesday morning near the gym of Dixon High School. Seniors were inside the gym discussing details about their upcoming graduation when a 19-year-old former student started shooting. 

 A resource officer returned fire, wounding the gunman.

 “We heard about five gun shots and we all kind of just froze,” Leah Drengenberg, an eyewitness said. “We didn’t really know what was going on.” 

 Leah is a gradating senior from Dixon High School. She says after she and her classmates heard the shots fired, they were evacuated to Page Park, just down the street.

 “That’s when we all kind of realized that this is all real, this is happening,” she said.

 That’s where Leah was reunited with her mother and brother, who is also a student at the high school. 

 “I was worried about her when it was happening because I knew she was in the gym and that’s where it was all coming from,” Brock Drengenberg said.

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