NEWPORT, R.I. (WWLP) – The crew aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Cambell returns to Newport after an 80-day ‘Operation Southeast Watch’ patrol.

During the patrol, the 100-member crew patrolled the Windward Pass and South Florida Straits, to stop vessels of illegal migrants departing from Haiti and Cuba. According to the Coast Guard, a total of 528 Haitians and 21 Cubans were rescued during this patrol.

A wooden sail ship with 67 Haitians, including children as young as five months old aboard, was intercepted on April 10th. The group departed from Haiti nearly a week before and were running short on food, water, baby formula, and other essential supplies. The Coast Guard provided care and medical attention before they were taken to Bahamian authorities on April 15, 2022. 

Another five vessels were intercepted with migrants from Haiti and Cuba in April and June. During one of the rescues, 212 Haitians onboard a 50-foot, power-driven vessel coming from south of Turks and Caicos was intercepted.

The patrol was then shifted to a joint training mission off the North Carolina and Florida coasts with the U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group that included live-fire weapons exercises, formation steaming, and multi-day at-sea combat simulations.