SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Connecticut man was arrested in Southbridge Sunday after he allegedly displayed what was believed to be a firearm in a bar.

Southbridge police were called to the bar around 12:54 a.m. Sunday after receiving a call of a man drinking alcohol that had removed a firearm from his waist. Witnesses told police the man placed the firearm on the bar and several patrons were concerned for their safety.

Officers arriving at the bar talked to the man, identified as 53-year-old Timothy Lloyd of Dayville, Connecticut, who was now standing outside near his vehicle. Officers quickly recognized that he was intoxicated.

Police found what appeared to be a black 9mm Beretta semi-automatic pistol. However, it was later determined that it was not a real firearm but a “simulator” that contained 9mm blanks.

Credit: Southbridge Police Department

Lloyd allegedly told police that he never brought the simulator into the bar. However, police were able to confirm through surveillance camera that he did remove the simulator from his waist area and placed it on the bar.

Lloyd was arrested and was arraigned in Dudley District Court on Monday for a charge of disorderly conduct.