PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH) – State police conducted a large-scale drug bust in Portland on Wednesday evening.

The narcotics operation is the result of a months-long investigation into a facility conducting illegal operations on Airline Avenue. State police revealed that officers conducted a narcotics operation into a motorcycle club hangout that ran underground events where illegal drugs were sold.

State police were able to receive probable cause to undergo a search warrant at the Airline Avenue facility.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were contacted in regards to concerning activities at the Motorcycle club. State police say complaints started coming in from the community about 3 or 4 months ago that controlled substances were being sold from the facility.

The facility is located close to two athletic fields used by families and children for little league games. State police shared that athletic games had to be moved off of the fields due to concerns of clientele parking and walking across the property to head to the motorcycle hangout.

The search warrant was investigated without any incident. Police seized a large quantity of drugs including marijuana and mushrooms and also recovered two firearms. Police are still actively searching the facility.

Portland residents can expect a continued police presence in the area of Airline Avenue on Thursday.

Police say there is no threat to the public according to state authorities.