DATELINE: In a lonely place


Family members of murdered California entrepreneur are speaking for the first time.

Chris with his free-spirited creativity was the yin to Ed’s number crunching yang. They worked a profitable little corner of the advertising game. They made and place ads for debt consolidation, that sort of thing. But meanwhile, there was the surf the ocean always calling, even when it meant his days were a little upside down.

“Chris, I was told, would work long hours in the evening or sometimes from home. Just because I was told he liked to go surfing during the day. He loved the idea of being out on the water and I remember him making a joke how he said he was gonna try to get our office to be on a  boat so we could be outside.” Christina

Yes. And maybe, unspoken, was something wrong. Did he want to settle for marriage. The office every day. A middle class life? Or flee?

“Him and i sat in the hot tub, you know– before– you know, on the last times we were together. And h– he was very stressed.” Paul Smith

It was a Friday, June 4th, 2010. Christina and others heard it Chris walked in, made an arrangement and simply left. He was done with the business. He was cashing out, walking away from it all rich enough to live the way he wanted.

“I was a little bit surprised. I didn’t know. But I also didn’t think much of it because Chris didn’t come into the office that often. So I thought, “Hey, maybe he found a better opportunity.” Christina Greis Barney

But what the opportunity was and the woman he was seizing it with? Now that was a shock.

Keith Morrison reports for a special two-hour Dateline, Friday on 22News at 9 p.m.

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