Doctor targeted in Chicago hospital shooting


Four people are dead after a Monday afternoon shooting at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital.

 The first shots were fired in the parking lot around 3:30.

 Police say it started with an argument between Dr. Tamara O’Neal and Juan Lopez, her former fiance.

 Witnesses say Lopez pulled a gun and shot Dr. O’Neal several times.

 “The gentleman turned around and shot three times in her chest, then once she fell to the ground, he stood over and shot her three more times,” witness James Gray says. 

 Police say Lopez then opened fire on officers as they arrived at the scene and ran into the hospital. More shots were fired inside.

 Dayna Less, a pharmaceutical staffer, was caught in the crossfire and killed. 

 “I do not want Dana remembered as a victim,” her father Brian Less said Tuesday. “She was intelligent, she was funny, she was kind.” 

 A police officer, 28-year-old Samuel Jimenez, was also fatally wounded, leaving behind a wife and three children.

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