Emmett Till lynching case reopened


Federal Investigators have decided to reopen an investigation into the lynching of Emmett Till, a black teenager who was brutally killed in 1955, and what many say sparked the Civil Rights Movement.

 The Justice Department report does not say what the information may be, but in a book that was released in 2017 titled ‘The Blood of Emmett Till’, the former Carolyn Bryant said during an interview she fabricated parts of her testimony in the 1955 trail.

 “Since then, its said that it was not the way this story went, that he didn’t do the things that he was accused of. I think the accuser the lady, what I read changed her mind about it, she said he didn’t do all the things she spoke of at the time of the great tragedy,” says Mississippi State Senator David Jordan.

 Senator Jordan was 18 years old when he attended the trail in Sumner, Mississippi 63 years ago.

 “What we saw, and what we heard, and the laughter that was being done at recess, so I don’t think it was really a trail, it was a mockery instead of Justice,” he says.

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