Face-eating murderer plans insanity defense


(WPTV) Attorneys for a Florida teenager accused of killing a couple, eating one of their faces and gravely injuring their neighbor say they are going to try to prove their client is insane.

Attorneys for Austin Harrouffon Tuesday filed paperwork making their plan to go after the insanity defense official, saying Harrouff was “suffering from a full-blown psychotic episode” at the time of the crime in 2016.

He is accused of stabbing and killing Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens and critically injuring their neighbor Jeff Fisher.

They also say because of his mental illness “he did not know what he was doing or its consequences, or he did not know it was wrong.”

Criminal defense attorney Gregg Lerman said this plan rarely works.

“The natural inclination for jurors is to want to hold those people responsible for their acts anyway,” said Lerman.

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