Father killed in kidnapping standoff


A California man is dead after kidnapping his young son and holding the boy at knife point.

 Kings County deputies got a call around 11 p.m. Sunday about a man chasing a child along a road near Hanford.

 When deputies arrived on scene, they said a man and a child were inside a pickup truck parked on the shoulder of the road. Deputies say they saw the man holding a knife to the child’s throat and was actively trying to harm him.

 He allegedly said “kill me” “kill me” while attempting to inflict injury to the child.

 Deputies immediately attempted to rescue the child by breaking the window to the truck and pulling him out.

 There was a struggle between the suspect and deputies as they tried to get the child out of the truck, and shots were fired striking and killing the suspect.

 He has been identified as Edgar Espinoza, 35, the child’s father.

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