FBI arrests Southwick man accused of sending mail with threatening letters, white powder


A Southwick man was arrested Friday for allegedly sending four packages, two of which contained white powder, to federal agencies in Springfield.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, 47-year-old Kevin Johnson has been charged in federal court with two counts of conveying false information and hoaxes and two counts of mailing threatening communications.

FBI spokesperson Kristen Setera told 22News Johnson was taken into custody Friday morning at his home on Point Grove Road.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by 22News, between July 23, 2018, and November 2018, the FBI Springfield Office and the Springfield Social Security Administration Office received three packages containing threatening communications and/or suspicious substances.

The Springfield branch of the U.S. Attorneys’ Office allegedly then received a letter from an individual claiming responsibility for sending the packages — all of which contained a piece of white-lined paper with a hand-drawn logo that appeared to combine the “anarchist A” symbol and the symbol for ISIS. Two of the packages also allegedly contained suspicious white powder.

“I do hope justice is served well because that is not a nice thing to do,” said Keith Peters of Springfield. “People are already living in critical times as it is with everything that has been happening. We all need to be paying close attention to everything basically.”

Laboratory testing determined that the white powder in the packages contained no hazardous material. 

If he’s convicted, Johnson could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in federal prison on EACH of the two most serious crimes.

Timeline (per court documents obtained by 22News)

July 23, 2018: Security cameras at FBI Springfield office capture a man with a white beard throw a manila envelope (identified as Package 1 in the criminal complaint) at the front door and leave. 

Package 1, according to the criminal complaint, contained multiple pieces of paper with handwritten statements including “Death to TRUMP.”

In package 1 contained a page with the anarchist-A and ISIS symbol with the phrase: You can't spell warning without war / Death to Trump. Package delivered to FBI Springfield on July 23, 2018 (Courtesy: FBI Boston)

October 23, 2018: The Springfield Social Security Administration Office received a package containing white powder and a handwritten letter stating, “FOR ALLAH YOU DIE, ATHENA KNOWS YOUR LIES, DEATH TO YOU TRAITORS, AND THE [expletive] FBI.” 

In package 2 contained white powder and a handwritten letter with the phrase: "For Allah you die, Athena knows your lies, death to you traitors, and the [expletive] FBI." Package mailed to SSA Springfield on October 23, 2018 (Courtesy: FBI Boston)

October 24, 2018: The FBI Springfield allegedly received a package addressed to “AGENT UNCLE HAM.” It also reportedly contained white powder and a note stating, “FOR ALLAH YOU DIE, ATHENA KNOWS YOUR LIES, DEATH TO THE N.O.R.A.D SPIES, AND THE FBI.” 

Read more: Powder found in suspicious envelope at Springfield Social Security office identified

In package 2 on the top of the letter was a hand-drawn anarchist A symbol that contained the acronym "ISIL" with white powder. Package mailed to SSA Springfield on October 23, 2018 (Courtesy: FBI Boston)

November 13, 2018: The Springfield branch office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office received a package with a return address of “WANTED FOR TERRORISM.” The package allegedly included a handwritten note and two newspaper article clippings– one of which was a report that the SSA Springfield building had been closed after receiving a suspicious package with what was later determined to be onion salt. The second article was about the death of Whitey Bulger.

In package 4 contained three items, a handwritten note and two newspaper articles. The letter has the hand-drawn anarchist A symbol with a reference to "ISIL." Package mailed to USAO Springfield on November 13, 2018 (Courtesy: FBI Boston)

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