SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More than 60 suspected members of the Latin Kings gang were arrested Thursday after a four-year investigation by the FBI. Five were from Springfield.

In a 190 page FBI affidavit, Springfield’s Mount Carmel Society is identified as a meeting place for gangs. Mayor Domenic Sarno released the following statement Friday:

“I am very disturbed and concerned with regards to the activities occurring at the Mt Carmel Society. My administration has pursued past sanctions on this establishment.  With that I will once again ask for a full review of their entertainment, liquor, health licenses as well as a police review.”

One of the alleged gang members from Springfield is said to be the leader of this region and the conduit between each of the Eastern Region states and the Latin Kings national leadership in Chicago.

“Criminal activity in the Eastern Region is led by Michael Cecchetelli, a/k/a “King Merlin, 40, of Springfield, who holds the title of Supreme East Coast Regional Overseer,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said.

In the affidavit, the FBI recounts a June 4, 2019, meeting at the Mount Carmel Society in connection with the alleged conspiracy to murder ‘Victim 13.’

A 6/4/19 recording captured a meeting of the Massachusetts State Team and CECCHETELLI, at the Mount Carmel Club, located at 13 Winthrop Street, Springfield, MA.

Present for this meeting were LIBERATO, F. LOPEZ, NUNEZ, CECCHETELLI, PEGUEROCOLON, and MARRERO. During the meeting, CECCHETELLI discusses an issue involving Victim 13 and discuss the fact that NIEVES the Inca of the Lowell Chapter wanted to issue a green light to kill Victim 13, the son of Victim 25. 183. CECCHETELLI ruled on this matter stating, “we are not going to go looking for him,” because they cannot condone the killing of a son of a LATIN KINGS member. However, CECCHETELLI then stated, “if a brother bumps into him on the street, we can’t tell that brother to stand down,” in essence affirming that the murder of Victim 13 has been approved.

FBI Affidavit of Special Agent Dominic Coppo

The FBI also reports that Mount Carmel was used as a site for a peace negotiation meeting between the New Bedford Chapter of the Latin Kings and the Gangster Disciples in February.

“There was at least one attempt to negotiate a peace between the New Bedford Chapter and Gangster Disciples. This negotiation took place on 2/23/19, at the Mount Carmel Social Club in Springfield, MA. During this meeting members of the LATIN KINGS, including Jorge RODRIGUEZ, LIBERATO, PEGUERO-COLON, CALDERON, and CW-9 met with leaders of the Gangster Disciples in order to identify the cause of the rivalry, and address issues. 315. During this discussion Jorge RODRIGUEZ indicates that the LATIN KINGS and Gangster Disciples should not be fighting or shooting one another and that they can both make money selling drugs. Jorge RODRIGUEZ describes the situation on the ground in New Bedford Case 1:19-cr-10459-RWZ Document 12-1 Filed 12/05/19 Page 119 of 190 120 with respect to gang turf and that there is only one “set” of LATIN KINGS.

FBI Affidavit of Special Agent Dominic Coppo

Read a transcript of a conversation during that meeting on page 120 of the 190-page affidavit.

The other Springfield men arrested include Gregory Peguero-Colon, a/k/a ‘King Trece,’ Josue Carrasquillo, a/k/a ‘King Playboy,’ Hector Adorno, a/k/a ‘King Gordo,’ and Jonathan Cassiano, a/k/a ‘King Legend.’

Below is the full list of suspected gang members arrested as a part of Operation Throne Down:

  1. Michael Cecchetelli, King Merlin: Springfield, MA
    • East Coast Team
    • East Coast Overseer
  2. Esther Ortiz, Queen India: Meriden, CT
    • East Coast Team
    • East Coast Crown Council Chairwoman
  3. Hector Manuel Vega, King Demon: Britain, CT
    • East Coast Team
    • Crown Council Member, CT
  4. Jorge Rodriguez, King G
    • State Team, Cacique
    • Enforcer (Former)
  5. Michael Marrero, King Clumsy
    • State Team, Enforcer
    • Regional Officer (Former)
  6. Francisco Lopez, King Cisco: Chelsea, MA
    • State Team, Treasurer/Secretary
  7. Gregory Peguero-Colon, King Trece: Springfield, MA
    • State Team
    • Crown Council Chairman
  8. Juan Liberato, King Prodigy: Haverhill, MA
    • State Team, Inca (Former)
  9. Angel Roldan, King Big-A and Nelty: Lowell, MA
    • State Team, Cacique (Former)
    • Enforcer (Former)
  10. Frutuoso Barros, King Fruity
    • DOC, Supreme Regional Officer
  11. Sandra Correa, Queen Dream: Peabody, MA
    • DOC, Secretary (Former)
  12. Shaun Harrison Rev
    • DOC, Member
  13. Vincent Dzierwinski, King Vice
    • DOC, Member
  14. Wilson Peguero, King Dubb: Dorchester, MA
    • D5K, Inca
  15. Alexis Peguero, King Lexi/Looney: Dorchester, MA
    • D5K, Cacique
  16. Matthew Palacios, King Nene
    • D5K, Enforcer
  17. Steven Familia-Valdez, King Haze: Mattapan, MA
    • D5K, Member
  18. Dante Lara, King Nasty: Providence, RI
    • D5K, Member
  19. Robert Lara, King Rizz: Chelsea, MA
    • D5K, Member
  20. Angel Abymael Ortiz, King Abby: Randolph, MA
    • D5K, Member
  21. Angel Rodriguez, King Ace: Dorchester, MA
    • D5K, Member
    • Crown Council Chairman for Boston
  22. Alexis Velasquez, King Booboo: Dorchester, MA
    • MSB, Inca
  23. Angel Calderon, King Bam
    • MSB
    • (Former) State Team Head of Security
  24. Oscar Pena, King O-Block
    • D5K, Member
  25. Jose Rodriguez, King Stutter: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Inca
  26. Orlando Santiago-Torres, King Landi
    • New Bedford, Cacique
  27. Robert Avitabile a/k/a Bobby
    • New Bedford, Associate
  28. Taliyah Barboza, Queen Taliyah: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  29. Josue Carrasquillo, King Playboy: Springfield, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  30. Michael Cotto, King Gordo: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, (Former) Regional Officer
  31. Juan Figueroa, King Pun: Dorchester, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  32. Issac Felix-Rivera, King Izzy
    • New Bedford, Member
  33. Kevin Guadalupe, King Milly: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  34. Shelton Johnson, King Shells: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  35. Tyson Jorge, King Music
    • New Bedford, Member
  36. Emanuel Lopez-Velez, King Manny
    • New Bedford, Probationary Member
  37. Luis Mendez, King Primo
    • New Bedford, Member, Incarcerated
  38. Raekwan Paris, King D-Bo
    • New Bedford, Member
  39. Jayco Reyes-Smith, King Javy
    • Former New Bedford Member, now in North Carolina
  40. Luis Santiago, King Tiny
    • New Bedford, Member, Incarcerated
  41. Roberto Vargas, King Royalty
    • New Bedford, Member
  42. Jose Vasquez, King Fearless
    • New Bedford, Member
  43. Natanel Velazquez, King Nael: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  44. Israel Rodriguez, King Imperial: Lynn, MA
    • North Shore, Inca
  45. Alfred Nieves, King Alfy: Lowell, MA
    • Lowell, Inca
  46. Marlon Rivera, King Pluto
    • Fitchburg, Member
    • D5K, Founder
  47. Ines Lugo, Queen China: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Secretary
  48. Jeremia Medina, King Sweepy: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Enforcer
  49. Bienvenido Nunez, King Apache: Enfield, CT
    • State Team, Inca
  50. Tanairy Ruiz, Queen Tanairy: New Bedford, MA
    • New Bedford, Member
  51. Xavier Valentin-Soto, King X
    • New Bedford, Member
    • (Former) Cascique, Incarcerated
  52. Joel Francisco, King Casper
    • Rhode Island, Member
  53. Eric Thomas, King E
    • Rhode Island, Inca
  54. Alvin Mojica, King Humble
    • Worcester, Inca
  55. Sophia Velasquez, Queen Sophia
    • Fitchburg, Member
  56. Dairon Rivera, King Mafia
    • Fitchburg, Member
  57. Hector Adorno, King Gordo
    • Springfield, Member
  58. Jesus Diaz, King Kiko
    • N. Shore, Member
  59. Henry Caribe, King 40cal
    • N. Shore, Member
  60. Jonathan Cassiano, King Legend
    • Springfield, Member
  61. Antoine Goodson
    • Associate, gun supplier to gang
  62. Derek Southworth
    • Associate, gun supplier to gang

Below are images from the FBI’s 190-page affidavit: