WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield man was arrested after police seized drugs and a firearm during a traffic stop in Whately on Tuesday.

At around 2 a.m. a State Police Trooper on patrol conducted a traffic stop after a query on the plate of a Lexus traveling on I-91 north in Whately indicated the registration was expired. The driver, 29-year-old Kadar St. Phard of Springfield told police he was on his way home from Northampton, even though he was traveling north, the opposite direction from Springfield.

St. Phard was removed from the vehicle after the trooper saw a firearm tucked behind the front passenger seat, in reach of the driver. It was determined he did not have a license to carry or a driver’s license. The firearm was a Glock 23 with a magazine holding 13 rounds inserted and another round in the chamber.

During the search of the vehicle, police seized in the trunk, a plastic bag containing a chunky white substance believed to be cocaine, with a weight determined to be 152 grams. Approximately 6,500 wax paper folds are believed to contain fentanyl stamped with the words “Real Hasta La Muerte” and “La Purina” was also found in the vehicle.

St. Phard was arrested and booked for narcotics, firearm, and motor vehicle offenses.