Fiery protest shuts down Georgia Capitol


A man set himself on fire during a protest on the front steps of the Georgia State Capitol Tuesday morning, state officials said.

 “He set himself on fire,” said Col. Mark McDonough, the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety. “One of our troopers happened to catch it immediately. Got his fire extinguisher and used his fire extinguisher to put it out.”

 According to a statement from the Department of Public Safety, around 10:45 a.m., a 58-year-old white man pulled onto Washington Street on the west side the Capitol, exited his car and approached the west side entrance of the Capitol wearing a vest lined with “fireworks and flammable devices.”

 Authorities said he then doused himself in a “flammable liquid” and lit the fireworks. A quick-thinking state trooper saw the incident and was able to quickly grab his fire extinguisher.

 “We have somebody who claims to be a veteran that is disgruntled by treatment by the V.A.,” McDonough said.

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