STURBRIDGE, Mass. (WWLP) A man from Georgia is under arrest Friday for a scheme involving Hermes bags.

Telvin Cortex Harvey, age 29, was arrested by Sturbridge Police after attempting to use a victim’s credit card and address to purchase and ship two Hermes bags totaling $17,000. The homeowner confronted Harvey when she saw his red Nissan Versa parked outside of her house. The victim told police Harvey had a UPS tracking number and wanted to pick up a package shipped to her house by mistake.

Harvey left when police were called but the victim provided a description of Harvey and the car he was driving to police, who were able to find him. When police talked to Harvey he allegedly provided a fake ID, fake name, and fake date of birth. Harvey allegedly gave police one name and date of birth but a different name and date of birth was on the ID that he provided.

When officers talked to UPS, they found the tracking number matching two packages that were in fact shipped to the homeowners address. It was then police learned the homeowner’s credit card company had intervened in a $17,000 charge. The company that made the charge matched the company on the return label. When officers opened the packages, they found two Hermes bags matching the amount of the fraudulent charges. The handbags will be returned to the vendor.

Harvey is being charged with:

  • Attempt to Commit Crime.
  • Receiving Stolen Property Over $1200.00.
  • Refusing to Identify Self.
  • Forgery of an RMV Document.
  • Disturbing the Peace.