SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) seized its 13th ghost gun of 2023 on Wednesday.

The Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) seized a large-capacity ghost gun and arrested 21-year-old David Rivera on Wednesday at approximately 12:05 a.m., according to Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh.

On Tuesday, Detectives that were assigned to the Firearms Investigation Unit were told that Rivera was illegally in possession of a firearm. Detectives were able to find the vehicle he was traveling in, which was in the Metro Area, and performed a traffic stop.

Photo: Ghost Gun

Springfield Police Department

Detectives found a loaded ghost gun capable of holding 11 rounds of ammunition and arrested Rivera. The driver of the vehicle was then released.

The Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit has already seized 40 illegal firearms in 2023, and 13 of those were ghost guns.

David Rivera of Springfield is charged with:

  • Carrying a Firearm without a License
  • Carrying a Loaded Large Capacity Firearm on a Public Way

What is a ghost gun?

Ghost guns are assembled with parts that can be bought online and are shipped to buyers nearly built, and easily able to put together the remaining parts. The kits lack serial numbers, which is why they are called “ghost guns,” and are near impossible for officials to trace.

In January, Massachusetts Governor Healey said that much of the gun violence in Massachusetts stems from “a failure to address some of the root causes of violence” and pledged to continue to enforce what she called “some of the strongest gun laws in place.”