HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Thursday, the Holyoke community is outraged and heartbroken, following a shooting in the city Wednesday, that incident resulting in the death of a baby.

Wednesday afternoon, a pregnant woman was struck by a stray bullet while riding a bus on Sargeant Street resulting in the emergency delivery and death of her baby. Two suspects have been identified as Alejandro Ramos and John Luis Sanchez of Holyoke.

Mayor Garcia says the city is looking to use as many resources as possible available to them, to prevent this tragedy from happening again, “I’m very aware of the issues that are going on in the streets and these are the issues that keep me up at night, every single day.”

The Holyoke community in mourning, as city leaders try to make sense of Wednesday’s shooting incident. “Here we have a situation that is just unbearable and quite frankly I’ve lost my patience,” Garcia added.

At least two suspects have been arrested, in connection to the daytime shooting wounding an innocent bystander. One being arraigned on a murder charge. As police continue to investigate, the city is now looking for answers to stop this senseless act.

Holyoke Police Chief, David Pratt, stating, “With the support of the mayor and the city council, I am here to assure the public that they will see a change and we are going to make that change.” Mayor Garcia and Chief Pratt say they are working on a strategic plan to address gun violence in the city, including more police patrols.

Garcia added, “I’m going to need funding for it, and as soon as its approved, I hope that the very next day, we can increase that presence.”

Mayor Garcia has confirmed that their is emergency funding set up for the woman who was shot, as well as a GoFundMe page.

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