Indiana children kept in basement


An Indiana couple is facing multiple charges, including child neglect and molestation, after keeping their four children locked in a dark basement without food or water.

 Connie Campos says she didn’t know about the allegations of sexual abuse against her husband Javier, but she doesn’t deny locking their children in the basement of their Madison County home.

 The basement windows of the home are covered. It’s where the kids say they were held, locked in with no water, no food and only a bucket to use instead of a bathroom.

 At least one of the children says he was sexually abused.

 The couple is charged with neglect. Javier also faces two counts of felony child molesting.

 While she admits to locking the kids in the basement, she says it was not what it seems.

 “I wasn’t doing it to be mean. I wasn’t thinking of it that way,” she said. “I was thinking getting into stuff they shouldn’t be. Getting into stuff like that.”

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