Jailbreak takes unexpected turn


(WSAZ) An inmate who escaped a Kentucky jail on Thanksgiving Day says that he wants the jail to be shut down.

According to Catlettsburg police, Phillip Tolliver is the sixth reported escape this year from the Boyd County Detention Center. The jail was also the site of an inmate riot and fire in August, and a corrections officer arrest this spring.

According to Tolliver, the problem was not that he could break out of jail, but that he could not break back in.

“There was no plan to escape,” Tolliver said. “I’ve been going out and coming back in for two weeks. It’s really unorganized, I could go on for days. Have DOC come in and watch for a week. It needs shut down. Punishment accepted.”

According to police, the latest incident started about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Tolliver used a pipe closet in a common area filled with 19 prisoners to get to the roof to get tobacco that an accomplice threw out. The tobacco was outside the fence, so he jumped down to get it. Then, he could not get back through the wire into the jail.

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