Landfill targeted in search for missing mom


More than three months after Kelsey Berreth was last seen publicly, police will soon begin searching a Colorado landfill for her remains.

 Woodland Park Police will be joined by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies for the search, which starts on Tuesday, at Waste Management’s Midway Landfill just south of Colorado Springs. The landfill is the end site for a transfer station in Divide, where Patrick Frazee was spotted with friends in the days before his arrest.

 Investigators believe Frazee, Berreth’s fiance and accused killer, burned Berreth’s body after killing her on November 22nd.

 In a preliminary hearing, investigators said they received that information after a December 20th interview of Krystal Kenney, who admitted she started dating Frazee in March 2018. Kenney, after first lying to the FBI in the days prior, told investigators that Frazee gave her details on how he committed the crime, including his intent to disperse the remains in either a landfill or a river.

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