BOSTON (WWLP) – A Massachusetts man has pleaded guilty in Boston federal court to wire fraud and money laundering scheme through romance scams that accumulated more than $4 million.

Kofi Osei, 30, pleaded guilty on Friday to seven counts of making a false statement to a bank, six counts of wire fraud, and two counts of money laundering. Osei went by several names during these schemes, including Paul Proia, Kenneth Buck, Jeffrey Anashe, Author Ivey, David Label, Manuel Abdalla, and Andrew Matses.

From 2016 to 2020, Osei opened bank accounts with fake identities in the greater Boston area using fake documents. He used these bank accounts to fraudulently receive funds from several victims of romance scams, where Osei used fake online personas to develop a relationship with people across the country and persuade them to send him money and/or property. Once he received the money, he would withdraw the money and use it to fund the cashier’s checks or personal purchases.

Police searched his home in February 2021 and found fake documents with the names of his aliases. Osei opened more than 40 bank accounts using the seven fake names, accumulating more than $4 million in victim funds.

Osei is scheduled to be arraigned on January 20, 2023.