Man killed over Playstation 4 dispute


The Seminole County sheriff’s office said a man was stabbed to death by his former roommates over a stolen Playstation.

The victim has been identified as Joshua Barnes. He leaves behind a 4-year-old son and a grieving family.

Dispatch: Do you know what happened to him?

Caller: No I have no idea. He’s dead.

CNN received the 911 call from Seminole County sheriff’s deputies made by a roommate who deputies say walked in to find Joshua Barnes stabbed to death here Monday at this Seminole County home.  

911 Call: “I know there was a problem with the kid that’s dead in the house right now, but I don’t know what just happened. I walked in the house and they killed him.”

Joshua’s brother Raymond Bynes and his family are hurting, “I never thought that’d happen to my brother.”

His oldest brother, 24-year-old Joshua Barnes, was killed Monday. Deputies say his ex-roommates Ian McClourg and Jake Bilotta told Barnes to come by for a party, but instead they stabbed him multiple times and made plans to bury his body. All because investigators say they believed Barnes stole their Playstation 4. Their roommate walked in and saw the aftermath.

911 call: “Are you a cop? I had a homicide committed at my house!

“Mostly go back to school, because I wanted to be smart just like him,” said Raymond.

The suspects remain behind bars in Seminole County on Bond facing first degree murder charges.

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