NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A Hampshire County grand jury has indicted a man on a manslaughter charge for a deadly shooting in Chesterfield.

Brian Camp, 23, of Southampton is accused of shooting and killing 27-year-old Jonathan Letendre of Northampton who was found dead in a home in Chesterfield on December 27, 2022. The suspect had allegedly shot Letendre in the torso and in the head.

According to Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, Letendre allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home on South Street where Camp was staying. Northwestern First Assistant District Attorney Steven Gagne told 22News that Camp shot Letendre after a confrontation.

“Letendre showed up at the house shortly after midnight and entered unannounced through an unlocked door. A woman with whom he had previously had a relationship was upstairs sleeping, along with Camp and her two young children. Camp and the woman were awakened by the sound of Letendre ascending the stairs to the second floor. A physical altercation between Camp and Letendre ensued, during which Camp shot Letendre in the torso with a semiautomatic pistol Camp lawfully possessed.

Meanwhile, the woman called 911 for help, and remained on the line with the dispatcher during the incident. The first shot was heard on the 911 call, and approximately 8 ½ minutes later, the woman that shouted she just heard “another shot.” Authorities allege Camp fired that second shot into the back of Letendre’s head, who was laying on the kitchen floor at the time.”

Official press release from the office of Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan

VIDEO: Brian Camp pleaded not guilty to manslaughter

Camp has been charged with manslaughter. He pled not guilty and is posted a $10,000 bond. As conditions of release, he was ordered to surrender his license to carry (LTC) and firearms identification card (FID), not reapply for them, not possess firearms, and not live in a household with any firearms.

The next court date is scheduled for September 12th.