BOSTON (WWLP) – A man from Boston has been arrested on a charge of sex trafficking of a minor.

Jimall Dawn Brown, age 33, was arrested Thursday morning and is scheduled to go before a federal judge in Boston.

According to prosecutors, Brown allegedly met a 17-year old girl from outside Massachusetts on social media and trafficked the victim to engage in commercial sex acts. Brown allegedly coerced her to fly to Boston, with promises of a ‘better lifestyle.” Brown posted advertisements of the victim online and arranged “dates” for the victim to have sex in exchange for money.

Brown allegedly set the pricing for the commercial sex acts and kept the money. He also is alleged to have taken her to Georgia in March 2022 and Nevada in April 2022 for commercial sex activity and again kept the proceeds.

Documents say that local law enforcement in Massachusetts interviewed the victim and she told them that Brown said she would have a better life if she came to Boston to “be with him,” but then wouldn’t let her leave, threatened her and beat her up when she tried.

“Human trafficking – which includes both sex and labor trafficking – is a form of slavery that causes unimaginable harm through exploitation and degradation. It is an assault on an individual’s dignity and is an urgent threat to public safety and public health. Human Trafficking impacts people across races, genders, age, immigration status, and socio-economic statuses and is often perpetrated against the most vulnerable among us – in this case, a child,” said United States Attorney Rachael S. Rollins.

U.S. Attorney Rollins continued, “We allege that Mr. Brown preyed on a vulnerable teenager that he found on social media, coerced her to travel to Boston, where he trafficked her to engage in commercial sex. He exploited this child for thousands of dollars of profit by forcing her to engage in sex acts inflicting violence and harm when she tried to break away and leave. We must begin to face the harsh reality that human trafficking is happening every single day in our Commonwealth and across our country. With my newly established Civil Rights & Human Trafficking Unit, the United States Attorney’s Office remains steadfast in our fight to combat this growing threat, hold traffickers accountable and bring services, treatment and some level of justice to victims and survivors of this awful crime.”

Members of the public who believe they may be a victim of this alleged crime should contact If you or someone you know may be impacted or experiencing commercial sex trafficking get more information and resources at the Polaris Project website or contact your local police.