(WWLP) – The Massachusetts State Police have issued a reminder to residents; be aware of the ‘Grandparent Scam’. 22News has reported on this ongoing hoax before which targets older adults by people posing as their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

The perpetrator pretends to be a loved one in crisis, asking the grandparent to wire a large amount of money. The scheme utilizes personal information gathered from social media accounts providing enough background information to make this hoax believable.

Massachusetts State Police says they are aware of 36 residents who have fallen victim in recent years, and a total of $230,000 in stolen money.

Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh said you also shouldn’t give out personal information, “Don’t give out any bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, date of birth. Anything identifiable, never give that out over the phone. And always breathe, nothing is that dire that you need to act immediately.”

If someone calls out of the blue, asking for you to send them substantial amounts of money, State Police are asking residents to hang-up and report the call to local authorities.