Monkey stolen from Florida


Florida’s West Palm Beach Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating a 12-year-old monkey named Kali they say was stolen from the Palm Beach Zoo Monday morning.

 The zoo says Kali is a goeldi’s monkey, which is from South American rain forests and worth around $10,000 on the black market. She is on a special diet and on anti-inflammatory medicine and weighs one pound.

 “It’s one of our children missing, so tonight we would just like to ask, if someone knows something or saw something, if they would reach out we would be very grateful,” says Zoo spokeswoman Naki Carter.

 Carter said Kali is microchipped and, along with the photo of a monkey that looks like like Kali, is considered their best lead, but citing the investigation, couldn’t explain further.

 “I wish I could be less cryptic about the microchip,” Carter said.

 Video released by the zoo on Tuesday shows at least one person access the monkey’s enclosure by cutting through the mesh in a fence. Zoo officials and police are currently reviewing the surveillance video.

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