GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A multi-agency investigation has successfully dismantled a drug trafficking enterprise, leading to the conviction of 20 individuals on felony drug charges.

The operation was responsible for the distribution of hundreds of grams of cocaine valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars in the region. The investigation, which involved numerous law enforcement organizations, concluded with the forfeiture of over $80,000 in cash and imposed state prison sentences ranging from 30 to 40 years on seven defendants.

In a recent court session presided over by Franklin Superior Court Judge David Hodge, two defendants, Jason Nadeau, 42, of Ludlow, and David Gallegos, 30, of Deerfield, admitted to charges related to the drug operation. Nadeau pleaded guilty to two felony charges of trafficking cocaine and one charge of conspiracy.

Judge Hodge approved the jointly recommended sentence proposed by Assistant District Attorney Joseph Webber and defense attorney Daniel Kelly, describing it as a fair resolution.

Meanwhile, Gallegos had a charge of conspiracy continued without a finding for a year, and he will be placed on probation during that period. The resolutions in the cases of Nadeau and Gallegos mark significant progress in a complex investigation that spanned several months and involved collaboration among more than a dozen law enforcement agencies. The initial arrests were made in December 2021, apprehending individuals from Greenfield, Deerfield, Montague, Ludlow, Charlemont, and West Springfield.

The success of the case can be attributed to the seamless collaboration among dedicated personnel from the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts State Police, Sheriff Christopher Donelan, Sheriff Patrick Cahillane, and local police chiefs, according to State Police Lt. Steven Hean, who leads the Northwestern District Anti-Crime Task Force. Lt. Hean commended the exceptional skills and unwavering dedication of the investigators involved in the case.

Among the earlier defendants sentenced this year were brothers Daniel Rice Jr., 40, of West Springfield, and Brandon Rice, 37, of Hatfield, who received prison terms of 5-8 years for trafficking cocaine. Daniel Rice also received concurrent sentences for conspiracy and money laundering.

David Caplice, 40, of Greenfield, was sentenced to 3-5 years in state prison for trafficking and conspiracy.

Jason Byrd, 43, of Greenfield, received a 3-5 year prison sentence for conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Nathan Ortiz, 40, of Greenfield, was sentenced to 3-5 years for trafficking and conspiracy.

Robert Blake, 48, of Greenfield, received a 1-year sentence in the House of Correction for conspiracy.

Wayne Rockwood, 44, of Greenfield, was placed on probation for two years for conspiracy, while a trafficking charge was dropped.

Raeline Phelps, 59, of West Springfield, received 2 years of probation for conspiracy, while a trafficking charge was dropped.

Additionally, several defendants had their cases continued without a finding for a year, including Damien Johnson, 34, of Greenfield, and Nicole Perkins, 28, of Greenfield, who faced conspiracy charges.

Rebekah Thompson, 39, of Charlemont, had a charge of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute continued without a finding, while a conspiracy charge was dropped. Charges of conspiracy were dropped against Jamielee Bontempi, 30, of Deerfield, Britney Porcino, 30, of Millers Falls, and Cherri Gallegos. A money laundering charge was dropped against Nicole Barnes.

One remaining case involving Heather Symanski, 63, of Greenfield, who faces charges of trafficking and conspiracy.