NORTHFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Northfield Police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles after several were broken into.

According to Northfield Police Chief Hall, there were several motor vehicle break-ins Sunday night and Monday morning in the West Northfield area. Hall said the cars were unlocked and cash and credit cards were stolen.

This serves as a reminder to lock your vehicles, even if they are in your driveway. Remove any valuables from your car, along with the keys, since the thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles and the vehicles themselves. If you see suspicious something, say something.

Chief Hall also said to be aware of con artists targeting elderly residents. There have been reports of con artists claiming to work for the government gaining personal information for access to phones, computers, or bank accounts. If you have not heard of the grandparent scheme, there has been an increase in callers stating that a family member is arrested and needs bail money.

Additionally, the Northfield Police Department does not solicit donations. If you receive a call to donate money to unknown or unverified solicitors, hang up.

This is a reminder to not give out any personal information unless it is legitimate. If you need help to verify any of these schemes, contact the police.

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