Partying goat placed under “house arrest”


A mischievous goat is keeping law enforcement officers busy and entertaining residents of Cherokee, Oklahoma.

 “He’s just a normal goat. Eats a lot, does what goats do” says Doug Murrow, the goat’s owner.

 However, normal goats usually don’t hang out at bars and get in standoffs with police.

 Whitey, the goat, apparently does but, Cherokee, Oklahoma residents know him by his street name, Kevin.

 “We started getting animal complaints about him running loose and somewhere along the way, we tagged him with the name Kevin,” said Cherokee Police Chief Ryan McNeil.

 The night Kevin went to the bar, his owner got a call from Chief McNeil.

 “He has been down to the bar. I loaded him up and took him back home. He is on house arrest now,” he said. 

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