Pipe bombs target Michigan family


Michigan authorities are investigating what are believed to be pipe bombs found at a home in Tuscola County.

 On Friday, a man who lives at the home found a stack of wood near his house.

 That wood contained two devices police are referring to as “pipe bombs.”

 “This was intentional, this wasn’t an accident. Exactly how the hole in the log was created and how the pipe bombs were put in there, we’re still trying to piece that together,” said Detective Sgt. James Hook of the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office.

 Hook said on Friday when the homeowner was splitting the wood he found for his wood-burner he noticed the unusual device.

 He called 911 and that’s when first responders and a bomb squad came to investigate.

 At this time, police say there is a possible motive but it’s too early in the investigation to be sure.

 Police said they have identified a person of interest who has allegedly harassed the victims before and the previous incidents could be connected to the pipe bombs that were found.

 Read more: http://bit.ly/2Fk2WoYreports.

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