FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts State Police Department and the Massachusetts Department of Correction and District Attorney’s Offices collaborated together to create playing cards that feature homicide and missing persons on them.

Each card in the deck of 52 were created to help generate new leads for investigators to follow regarding each individual unsolved case. Every card will have a photo of the victim, along with relevant information pertaining to the case.

The State Police Unresolved Cases Unit lead the way for the playing card project. The State Police detectives unit that investigates and works closely with homicides and multiple other serious crimes along with local police chose the victims to put on the cards.

To submit information regarding these cases, call 1-855-MA-SOLVE, email, or send a letter to the Unresolved Cases Unit at 470 Worcester Road, Framingham MA 01702.

Colonel Christopher Mason, Department Superintendent, states, “The victims in this deck were someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, or partner. Much time may have passed since the crime that took them from their loved ones, but they, and the victims of all our unresolved cases, are not forgotten. Our detectives and forensic specialists across the state work daily to solve cases like these. Often, after years of dedicated work by investigators, we find that we just need a little more information to solve the case. The people who loved, and were loved by, these victims have waited too long for justice. Help us end that wait.”

Currently the cards, funded by Department of Correction, are making the playing cards available to state prison inmates. With this, they hope to be able to find out additional information about the crimes on the cards.

Western Massachusetts Victims Featured on Cards

  • Molly Bish- Palmer
  • Anthony Colucci- Pittsfield
  • Joseph Willie Brown- Pittsfield
  • James Dominguez- Pittsfield
  • Darrell Jenkins Jr.- Springfield
  • Fan Li- Springfield
  • William Dziedzinski- Ware
  • Michael Brougham- Belchertown
  • Jean Bones-Colon- South Hadley
  • Jose Gonzalez- Springfield
  • Jafet Robles- Chicopee