Police investigate mysterious fraternity death


(KSEE) Police are investigating a suspicious death involving an unidentified 19 year old Fresno State student found at a fraternity house.

A friend, who wishes not to be named, said he found his friend on the porch of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house unconscious, so he confronted the people outside the home who he said seemed indifferent.

“I’m saying ‘call the police, why aren’t you guys doing anything, get water, you know, shower or something,” said the friend.

The friend said he took his unconscious friend to St. Agnes Medical Center and called police on the way.

His friend was pronounced dead at the hospital. He said his friend was not a fraternity member, he was just visiting.

The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity headquarters in Indiana also released a statement saying, “As the investigation continues, it is important to note that this was not connected to any chapter event and occurred during the school’s winter break. Our focus remains on supporting the family and friends of this young man during this difficult time.”

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