Police taser 87-year-old grandmother


Martha Douhne says it’s not uncommon for her grandmother to wander from her Chatsworth, Georgia home alone, but that’s exactly what Martha Al-Bishara did Friday afternoon. She crossed the street to a gated area, which is owned by The Boys and Girls Club. An employee called 911 after spotting the 87-year-old with a knife.

 “Looks like she’s walking around looking for some vegetation to cut down or something,” said the 911 caller. “She told me she doesn’t speak English and she’s walking up the trail with a knife.”

 When the dispatcher asked if Al-Bishara tried to attack anyone, the caller said “No, she brought the knife onto the property in her hand. She didn’t try to attack anybody or anything.”

 Three Chatsworth officers responded. The police report says officers tried to get Al-Bishara to put down the knife several times, but she didn’t. They say she was calm but did not respond to their commands. Shortly after, she was tased.

 “She thought she got shot like we have never really told her about stun-guns or tasers and so she doesn’t know what that is,” said Douhne. “When she kind of realized what happened she was kind of toughing her heart and looking for blood.”

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