MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Monson Police Department is investigating several car break-ins that took place Tuesday morning.

According to the Monson Police Department, residents on East Hill Road, King Street, Beebe Road, Munn Road, Crest Road, and Fenton Road all had items missing from their unlocked cars overnight.

The break-ins are likely related to a group of youths from the Hartford area that has been victimizing towns and using stolen vehicles and stolen license plates in their travels. It is also known that the individuals might be armed.

“I just locked my door here. You know, Monson is nice but you can never be sure because, like I keep my phone in the car and all it takes is a couple minutes, a couple seconds for someone to reach in and grab it. So yeah, I always keep my stuff locked up,” said Zack Isham of Chicopee.

If you see any signs of suspicious activity, call 911, obtain a description of any person or any vehicle that is involved, and avoid confrontations with the suspects. This also serves as a reminder to lock your vehicles and remove any valuables at night, such as spare key fobs.