Sheriff: Man planned to murder, eat child


Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff’s Office says it may have prevented the murder of a child by a man who said he wanted to rape and cannibalize the victim.

 Alexander Barter, 21, of Joaquin, Texas, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes related to his alleged plan to kill, rape and eat a child. He was arrested on Friday.

 A Brevard County sheriff’s agent discovered Barter’s alleged plan on the internet, and got in touch with him. The undercover agent posed as someone willing to provide a child to satisfy what Barter allegedly called his “bloodlust.” 

 A meeting was arranged near Nacogdoches, Texas.

 “He showed up with a knife, with bags to take the individual body parts in. This is just a sick, demented individual that’s masquerading as a human being out there, preying on our children,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

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