‘Somebody out here knows the answer’: Deaths of twin babies still a mystery 1 year after bodies found in Bronx


THE BRONX — NYPD detectives pleaded for answers Tuesday, one year after the bodies of newborn babies were found dumped in the trash, umbilical cords still attached, behind a Bronx building.

Their mother was never found. Police don’t know who killed the twin boys. Lieutenant William O’Toole, commanding officer of Bronx Homicide, said his investigators have worked every day to find a lead.

“We want to find the mother,” he said. “What situation would have a mother take two, full-term babies, put them in two plastic bags and place them in the backyard? What desperate situation was she in to do that?”

The babies, who died of blunt force trauma, had no drugs or alcohol in their systems, he said.

A year later, the spot where the infants were found is littered with weeds and garbage. Police lit candles nearby as they asked for tips.

“Somebody out here knows the answer,” O’Toole said.

They’ve gotten tips: people gave police names. Nothing’s panned out.

Police and community members prayed and sang, hoping for answers and justice.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said they want the truth and justice. She said it’s important to know who did this and why.

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