SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – A South Hadley man has received probation for improper storage of a firearm following an incident in April where crews were called to the Riverboat Village Apartments for an unknown chemical substance.

According to Hampshire County District Attorney Spokesperson Laurie Loisel, 34-year-old Paul C. Traficante has a license to carry a firearm but admitted Thursday in court to improper storage of a firearm. Traficante has received two years of probation for the firearm charges.

On April 16, firefighters and officers were called to the Riverboat Village apartments for an unknown chemical substance. Officials eventually learned that the chemicals in the apartment were legal, substances such as hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, and potassium nitrate. However, an unsecured firearm, ammunition and three loaded magazines were found.

While the chemicals found were potentially dangerous, there was no evidence that Traficante was engaging in criminal conduct.

The judge has agreed to a plea agreement in the case, where Traficante will be placed on probation for two years and as long as he stays out of trouble, he will not have a guilty finding on his record. A charge of possession of a large capacity feeding device was also dismissed.

“We believe this disposition is in the interest of justice given the facts of the case, Mr. Traficante’s
cooperation with the police, and his lack of record,” said Assistant District Attorney Andrew Covington.

During his probation, Traficante will also be prohibited from being licensed to carry a firearm and owning any type of firearm, ammunition, knives or swords.