A Springfield police officer has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of child rape.

Springfield police spokesman Ryan Walsh told 22News that Monson Police arrested 28-year-old  Daniel Cintron Thursday night after Springfield officers applied for an arrest warrant.

Cintron is charged with eight counts of rape of a child with force, five counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, and five counts of witness intimidation.

Monson Police Chief Stephen Kozloski explained to 22News that the charges Cintron is facing did not occur in Monson. Chief Kozloski added that Cintron is also considered a person of interest for similar crimes in Chicopee. 

Chicopee Police spokesman, Officer Mike Wilk confirmed for 22News that Cintron is indeed being investigated for similar allegations and that charges against him are pending.

Wilk added that Chicopee Police Detectives will apply for an arrest warrant when their investigation is complete.  Wilk said that warrant could be executed as soon as next week. 

Walsh said that Cintron is currently suspended from the Springfield Police Force, without pay, in connection with a separate incident, which happened off duty. In that case, prosecutors claim that Cintron had a violent confrontation with a 15-year-old boy at the Eastfield Mall.

Cintron is charged with unarmed robbery, assault, and battery, and witness intimidation in that case.