ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – Attleboro police arrested two suspects following a pursuit, crash and break-in early Saturday morning.

Hours later, the family who owns South Side Variety on Turner Street was cleaning up what they said was a path of destruction.

“Beginning of the day was pretty stressful.  Finding out this, waking up at around four a.m.,” said Dawank Patel.

Employee Dawank Patel brought our Eyewitness News crew through the store, pointing out a broken front door, back door and chain that had been used to keep the back fence locked.

“It was pretty rough at first, finding out what was missing, what wasn’t,” Patel said.

Patel tells us, the suspects stole mostly cigarettes, about one hundred cartons, and several hundred dollars in rolled coins.

On top of what was stolen, there was also more damage.  

The family said the alarm system was cut after police were already notified, the back office was ransacked, and the suspects broke into the safe.

“They did a lot of damage,” Patel said.

Although the suspects managed to break the safe, it appears they dropped everything once police arrived and tried to flee the scene.

“They were like freaking out when they saw him roll in, so yeah, him showing up definitely influenced what they did,” Patel added.

We’re told this the worst break in the business has experienced.  They’re now in the process of getting everything the suspects did get away with back from police.

“Leave all businesses out of it.  Everyone is just trying to make their own living,” said Patel.

Police said the men arrested after the crash are both in their early forties.  They believe a third suspect fled, and has not yet been caught.