Terrifying Crime: Carjacker takes child


(KARE/NBC News)   A Minnesota mother’s worst fear came true Monday morning when a carjacker sped off with her 4-year-old daughter inside the car. 

Jannah Almalki was filling up her tires at a Hy-Vee convenience store around 7:30 a.m. when an unknown man jumped into the car and took off with Almalki’s daughter in the backseat.

A short distance later the vehicle stopped, and the 4-year-old got out unhurt. The suspect then took off again.

“I’m literally going to be scared all the time now and I’m sure she is too,” Almalki said. “What a memory for a four-year-old to have.”

Almalki said she was standing right next to her car at the gas station, pumping air, when she felt a “big weight” on her car. Next thing she knew, the car was in reverse and the door was locked.

“I’m literally screaming, my daughter, my daughter! And there were people already on their phone,” Almalki said.

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