Thieves rip out a safe through a wall; O.J. Simpson memorabilia was inside


HANFORD, California (KGPE) – O.J Simpson memorabilia is among the items feared stolen after a robbery in Kings County. According to the Kings County Sheriff’s Office, the safe was taken on Thursday after thieves pulled it out of the front wall with a pick-up truck.

Items inside the safe were valued at over $100,000. The contents stolen were silver bars, guns, a Rolex, and the signed memorabilia from O.J. Simpson and Bruce Jenner. The safe was later found empty in Fresno.

Detective Andrew Mazza said the thieves broken into the back window before pulling the large steel safe that was bolted to the floor through the front wall with chains or a rope.

“It appears they worked on the inside of the wall and removed some of the drywall and siding for the inside so it was just getting the force from the truck to pull it from the wall,” said Mazza.

This isn’t the first time Simpson memorabilia has been stolen. In 2007, Simpson’s former agent Mike Gilbert claimed his storage unit was burglarized and all his Simpson memorabilia was taken.

“You have to think,” said Gilbert. “Anything that O.J. had autographed over the last 30 years had gone through my hands, being his agent. So either it belonged to me or we did a signing and we sold it in bulk to someone. So anything that is legit has my autograph with it.”

The homeowner declined to comment and said everything in the safe was in his family for the past two generations.

Investigators have not established if the two incidents are connected.

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