Two charged with injury to child in 2-year-old’s death


Court documents paint a picture of months of abuse that led to Aniyah Darnell’s death.

Shamonica Page and Derick Roberson are now in custody.

Documents say Page: 

“Would strike the victim with a belt on numerous occasions as a form of discipline and/or punishment. She was frustrated with her for going to the bathroom in her clothes/pull-ups and was trying to teach her a lesson.?

Lt. Chris Cook says Page and Roberson were arrested for outstanding warrants.

We’ve learned now those charges were upgraded after the toddler’s death.

“We believe there was human intervention that caused this child to stop breathing and to sustain the injuries that she had,” said Cook. “Based upon that, and the interviews we received this afternoon, we upgraded the charges to injury to a child first degree felony for the woman, and a third degree injury to a child by omission for the man that we arrested.”

The documents claim repeated abuse.

“Admitted that the victim had what appeared to be a severe burn on her buttocks but tried ‘home remedies’ to heal the injury, and would continue to discipline and punish the toddler by striking her in the injured area with a belt or her hand.”

Arlington police say the little girl’s birth mother is heartbroken.

Neighbors are stunned by the allegations and the child’s death. 

“Very sad. Very very sad,” said neighbor Jessie Farris. “It shouldn’t happen to anybody! I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to my grandkids.”

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