Weapons bust sends student back to China


(WESH) A University of Central Florida student will be deported to China after he exhibited alarming behavior and was then found in possession of multiple high-powered rifles.

 Wenliang Sun, 26, was brought to the UCF Police Department’s attention February 1st by university staff who reported a dramatic change in his appearance and behavior, authorities said.

 Among the alarming behavior, police said, was his cash purchase of a nearly $70,000 car.

 Police officials said officers contacted Sun on February 2nd and he confirmed that he owned a LWRC 300 Blackout rifle and ammunition, which he kept in a public storage facility due to firearms not being allowed at his off-campus apartment complex. He refused to hand the gun over to police for safekeeping, officials said.

 Days later, police said Sun purchased a .308 Ruger Precision caliber rifle that Sun had a bipod and scope added.

 Police said both guns were purchased legally because federal law allows for those holding non-immigrant visas to possess a firearm if they hold a hunting license, which Sun possessed.

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