SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Westfield man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to the death of his infant daughter in 2018.

According to Hampden District Attorney Spokesperson Jim Leydon, Daniel Torres of Westfield pleaded guilty in Hampden County Superior Court on Tuesday to a charge of manslaughter. Torres was sentenced to 16-17 years in state prison.

Torres was alone with the infant child while the mother was at work in July 2018. According to the police report, Torres initially told officers he didn’t know how his daughter sustained her injuries. The father later told police he accidentally struck the victim while playing with her on the floor and slapped her in a fit of frustration.

It wasn’t until several hours later that Torres called 911 for help. The 8-month-old girl was left on life support for several days before she died on July 31, 2018.

The child’s injuries, according to the statement of facts report, were consistent with abuse trauma. This included bruises on her head and “three long red marks across the right side of the infant’s forehead that are consistent with a hand print.”