Wife charged with attempted murder after shooting leaves principal paralyzed


PITTSBURG (KRON) – The wife of a Pittsburg adult education principal has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting her husband on Saturday, according to authorities.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney claims that 39-year-old Maria Vides attempted willful, deliberate and premeditated murder. 

The felony charge includes two enhancements — causing great bodily injury and a causing brain injury and paralysis. 

Police arrived at a home on Barrie Drive, around 1:20 a.m. to find 45-year-old Paul Shatswell suffering from a gunshot wound.

Investigators say that Vides intentionally shot her husband with a handgun.

“We are thinking of the kids and the family and we hope they pull together and overcome this and thank him so much for everything he’s done for everybody,” saud Jean MacDonald, a teacher at the Pittsburg Adult Education Center.

Officials say he was taken to a hospital where he is now in a coma from his brain injury and is paralyzed. 

Shatswell is a Pittsburg native and a father of eight.

Teachers and staff describe him as very friendly and someone who always values his work. 

“I think everybody has been surprised. Right now we’re thinking about him and his family. We prayed a lot at school,” MacDonald said.

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