Woman accused of planning armed robbery for first date


Getting robbed at gunpoint is a surefire way to ruin a first date.

And when you discover the person you’re meeting with planned the robbery, that pretty much kills a second rendezvous.

On May 25, the victim in this case met up with Chloe Garner, a woman he’d met online.

“They had been talking for a little bit of time and they decided to meet at Deer Creek Park around 11 o’clock on the 25th,” said Detective Dave Brown of Maplewood Police.

Brown said the couple talked by the playground before Garner suggested they head over to the bleachers – where they were approached by a man, who asked if they had any spare change.

Garner and the victim told the man no, and he walked away.

But he quickly came back, asking again if they had any change. Except this time he pulled out a gun.

“The suspect demanded that the victim take off parts of his clothing, so he took his pants off and his shoes,” Brown said. “The female removed her cellphone and a little bit of change and put it on the bleacher stand.”

While the suspect was going through the victim’s clothing, Garner grabbed her cellphone and ran toward the woods.

The suspect fired one round in her direction.

Afterward, while talking to Garner about what happened, detectives realized her story was changing.

Then she admitted that she knew the male suspect, Keyon Owens.

“Chloe and Keyon came to the park together. Chloe dropped Keyon off at an area a little bit away from the park. Keyon wandered into the park. He was watching the couple as they made their way to the bleachers. That’s when he approached and the robbery began,” Brown said.

Owens said that the whole thing had been Garner’s idea. And as for the shooting, that was all part of the plan too.

“According to Chloe, it was part of their plan, so that it would kind of eliminate her from being part of it, that this guy would fire a round in her direction,” Brown said.

Garner and Owens both face robbery and armed criminal action charges.

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