HARTFORD (WWLP) – The state of Connecticut is going tax-free this week, to help parents equip their kids (and maybe themselves) to go back to school.

Connecticut has waived sales taxes for the entire week starting Monday. All those in need of doing some last-minute shopping before heading back to school next week, especially for clothing and shoes, can get a bit of relief just over the state line. However, most of the items that are tax free this week in Connecticut are tax free in Massachusetts year-round.

Retail purchases of most clothing and shoes under $100 are exempt from sales tax this week. A few things are still taxable like safety gear like glasses, sports equipment like cleats, track spikes, and ballet shoes and handbags. The tax break comes at a necessary time for many families struggling to keep up with price increases caused by inflation.

In Massachusetts most clothing and footwear is exempt from taxes unless an individual item costs more than $175. There is at least one item that is taxable in Massachusetts but will be tax free this week in Connecticut and that’s bathing or shower caps.

Carolyn lives in Tolland, Connecticut. She said the deals come at a good time for her especially since she’s buying for her grandchildren, “You really have to know your prices. I’ve been around long enough to know. But when you see a bargain, you get it. And it really helps out, tax free really does help out.”

According to the National Retail Federation, the price of girls’ apparel is up nearly 3 percent, while the price of boys’ apparel is up 3.4 percent. And boy’s and girls’ footwear has increased by 9.9 percent.

Students of the Springfield, Holyoke and Longmeadow school districts head back to the classroom a week from Monday. In which, outfit shopping in Connecticut will be the cheaper option this week.